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Building on an intrinsic awareness of the world around him, Bacca Da Silva has developed a creative, rich, vibrant and playful world of diverse influences, uniquely blending fashion and art. Whether ultra-urban or rural conservative, he easily weaves a variety of styles and cultural influences into his creations.

Bacca Da Silva is inspired by artisanship, with a keen sensitivity toward cultural symbols and emblems. His imagination extends this artisanship and Brazilian heritage to an understanding of a myriad of cultures and lifestyles. The fashion collections of Bacca Da Silva seek to interpret this multi-culturalism through the eyes of an internationalist using a wide range of luxurious fabrics and unique combinations of interesting materials. The results are designs which are truly unique and inspirational.

Born in Sao Paulo, Bacca grew up amongst rolls of fabric watching his mother sew for the extended family. This early influence later led to a budding career as a fashion show producer. While still in his teens, Bacca produced several cutting-edge fashion shows raising substantial funds for a variety of charitable causes while vibrantly and playfully introducing the collections of local merchants to the public. These early successes and the favorable public reaction to his productions stimulated Bacca to enter the world of fashion design.

This entry into the world of design was not straight forward. Realizing that extending his vision of what fashion could bring to his customers required a sound commercial footing, Bacca decided to leave Brazil for the United States in 1999 to earn his MBA in the most international of the schools - Thunderbird. The Thunderbird experience brought a whole new light to Bacca's innate multi-culturalism and has helped frame the world view which inspires his unique collections. This educational experience also connected Bacca to a range of forward thinking individuals from around the world which has led to the global connections that now assist in the design and production of his collections.

Bacca's reception into the American fashion community has been warm and fast- paced. In the span of a few short years, he has been recognized as one of the leading upcoming and coming new designers in the USA by GEN ART and has been featured in several prominent fashion events newspapers and magazines.

At the heart of this buzz is the excitement generated by Bacca's initial collections. In his stunningly imaginative and beautiful pieces, Bacca has blended a variety of materials and cultural influences into several collections which stimulate the fashion forward and satisfy the urge for luxury goods interpreted with a playful, yet worldly stylistic view. The collections have featured traditional luxurious fabrics infused with high design and style, stunning couture pieces featuring unique hand-made embroidery along with intricately detailed pieces for that one-of-a-kind woman who wishes to make a high-end statement.

Today, Bacca lives in California and travels the world to draw inspiration for his next collections.

Welcome to the world of Bacca Da Silva.